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The SEO game is all about leverage. It will never be won using outdated techniques that everyone

else knows about.

We do not recommend the traditionally known SEO methods most companies use, simply because

they are a waste of time & money.

When clients choose to become Local Dominators they are choosing a competitive edge and an unfair

advantage over their competitors.

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What is Important

How long have you been trying to get to the top of the search engines? How much do you figure it's

costing you not having a top ranking? It's been said that a first page listing in the search engines is just

like buying money at a discount. Think about it: if you could purchase two dollars for a dollar..... how

many would you buy?

Hardly anyone looks past page one any more, so with poor rankings, very few people, if any, are

finding you.

The Importance of Back links.

You know your site is one of the best in your market so why are you not ranking higher for your

keyword terms? The only thing you are lacking is something called "back links".

Obtaining back links tells the search engines that your site is the authority for subject matter. This

authority is what can propel you up the search engine rankings faster than most any other tactic and

getting those back links is exactly what we specialize in. Those back links are critical to your search

engine ranking success.

We're able to do this more affordably than any other SEO companies because we have resources that

are unmatched in our industry. These valuable resources (combined with our years of experience and

knowledge) are your key to superior rankings.

We have quietly and quite successfully worked with a long list of private clients (For Over 10 Years)...

ALL of who LOVE us for the mere fact that we DELIVER on what we say we will do and that is

simply: increasing your search engine rankings.

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