Dominating Google Search Results with Social Media

You may have heard that the search engines

love social media. What you probably haven’t

heard is why and what it can mean to your


Most people think it is because the search

engines like all of that fresh new content

social media sites provide but that is only a

fraction of it. The real reason that social media

sites score well in search engines is because of

the authority of the social media site itself.

Hundreds of thousands of sites all linking to the social media sites are what makes them

extremely popular in the eyes of the search engines. In search engine geek talk, all those links

translate to authority.

What I am about to reveal to you is unknown to most and yet one of the most powerful

techniques used to dominate search results. We all know that optimizing our sites can take a long

time to build up authority to be able to complete for highly prized terms. But if you use the

authority of an existing social media site you can get to the top almost overnight!

If you take your content and place it on your social media pages and then optimize your social

media pages for your desired keywords you will be shocked at how quickly you can see results.

In a minute I will tell you exactly how to do this optimization on your social media pages but for

now imagine the following.

How would it look if your ideal prospect went online to Google and typed in a search phrase

describing your product or service and got back a results page that had only you on it? That

would literally leave them nowhere else to turn. You have probably never heard of such a thing

and are now wondering if it is even possible. Well let me tell you, it is possible and I am about to

share with you how I do it.

Optimizing a social media page is fairly easy. There are 2 key factors that will rocket you to the

top. First is the title of the page. This is by far the biggest on page optimization factor today. The

trick is simple; just get your main keyword phrase into the title of your social media pages. You

do this by naming your pages using your keywords or at least having them in the page names.

This automatically puts them into the title. Most social media sites allow this and most people

don’t take advantage of it. Many people use their name which is great if you are a household

name and people know to look for you but in most cases your target audience knows to search

for you by what you offer.

Once you have your primary keyword phrase in your title it is time to start telling the search

engines what this page is about and why it should rank on the first page. This is done by going

out and getting other sites to link back to your social media page with the same clickable text that

matches your target keyword phrase. This is known as an anchor text link and simply means it is

the clickable text to link to another page. When the search engine sees other sites using a

particular phrase as an anchor text link to you they take notice of that and count that as a vote of

popularity towards your social media page. The more popular it looks the higher and faster it

will climb. These two factors stacked on top of the fact that the social media site itself has so

much credibility will literally rocket your page to the top.

Now obviously all these links which are considered votes do not count equally but this is the

basic premise. The page at the end of the day with the most points wins. The links on higher

priority pages will count for more points and have more value.

So these are the basic principles of getting a social media page to the top of the search results

now let’s talk strategy and how we will use this knowledge to dominate the search results.

There are a ton of these high authority social media sites out there but all you need is 10 to take

over the first page of the search engines. These are in no particular order but just to name a few

off the top might be, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Squidoo, MySpace, EzineArticles,

and the list goes on and on. It typically doesn’t matter which ones you use, just pick 10 of them.

Now sign up for all those free accounts and name your pages appropriately as you learned

earlier. Next let’s put some good content on those pages with a strong call to action. This is

where most people blow it. They drive traffic to pages that lead nowhere and don’t have a clear

purpose for the viewer. You really need to tell them what to do. My preference is to have them

opt in to receive some piece of valuable information I am offering to get them into my sales

funnel. Video works best for this and is right in line with all this social media stuff. So use video

to tell them what to do and offer it as your teaser. You will get allot more options to see the

continuation of a great content delivery video that anything else. Start off with video explaining

something of extreme value to your market and then offer them more or the second half if they

put in their email address. Think of it as a cliffhanger!

Okay now that you have your ten social media pages up it is time to start linking to them. There

are many ways to do this and it can be allot of work. Don’t worry, this is a perfect job for you to

outsource. Believe me; you will not enjoy this mind numbing work. You are going to want to get

this job outsourced.

These are just a few of the places you can go to get these links and they are all free with the

exception of the time it takes to do it. You can find blogs all over the Internet on any topic

imaginable that will allow you to post comments with links. There are free forums and message

boards you can post to that allow linking. There are many video sites that allow comments with

links as well. You can also put your links into articles and press releases and distribute those

throughout the article and press release directories across the Internet. There are literally millions

of places you can go to put your links.

It is these anchor text links pointing to your social media pages that will tell the search engines

that these pages are popular for your keyword phrases and drive them to the top.

Imagine all of your social media pages coming up pushing your competitors right off the page

and all pointing your ideal clients’ right to your website. How would that change your business?

It almost seems like an unfair advantage doesn’t it?